PostgreSQL configuration error

Dear All
I configured as link PostgreSQL Database Monitoring (
I used postgreSQL 14 ver and I used GUI connect to postgreSQL error as below.
Anybody knows in this case?

Many thanks


  • Hello,
    we recently encountered the same issue in our test labs. This is what helped:

    Upgrade libpq on the application end and try again.

    If you don't need scram-sha-256 authentication, you can revert to md5:

    • set password_encryption = md5 in postgresql.conf
    • change the authentication method to md5 in pg_hba_conf
    • reload PostgreSQL
    • change the password of the user to get an MD5 encrypted password

  • damthanhlong
    edited March 29
    Hello Damerva
    Many thanks for your support. <3
    select passwd from pg_shadow where user='lpar2rrd';
    select rolpassword from pg_authid where rolname ='lpar2rrd';
    set password_encryption = md5;
    alter user lpar2rrd password '****';
    select rolpassword from pg_authid where rolname ='lpar2rrd';

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