DS8K Command lshostconnect

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I configured the IBM DS8K device and successfully completed.
Although everything is ok, I am not able to perform any collection.

Analyzing the logs I identified that the script: "/home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/tmp/DS8K_ST0007.ds8conf.scr" stops at the command: "lshostconnect -dev IBM.XXXX-XXXXXXX -l -fullid" giving the script timeout

Is there any way to make the script run by collecting this information some other way?


  • Hi,

    can you try to run that cmd directly in DScli?
  • Marcos
    edited February 2022
    Hi, Pavel!
    The command runs normally but takes longer than 10 minutes.
  • 10 minutes is too long, it should not be, there is a timeout about 15 minutes for everything.

    why it takes so long? is that common even on your other storages?

  • Marcos
    edited February 2022
    It's just this command: "lshostconnect -dev IBM.XXXX-XXXXXXX -l -fullid"
    It's like that both in the script and locally

    Is there any way to comment out just this command?
    if yes, which file should i edit?
  • Hi,

    do you have hundreds of hosts attached to the storage? Just want to find out the reason why it takes so long, it is not usual behaviour, we have never seen it, can you log a call with IBM support? Does it happen when you connect to the second HMC?

  • I'll open a ticket with IBM, but we only have one HMC.

  • do you have a DS8k with one HMC only? I always thought that there must be 2.
    ok, let us know what IBM says ...
  • after opening the ticket with IBM, they informed me that my hardware microcode version was not compatible with the current DSCLI.

    IBM provided me with DSCLI compatible with my microcode version.
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