IBM i LPAR2RRD agent: Suggestions for new features/metrics:

I think there are some metrics that are missing with the IBM i LPAR2RRD agent.

- Temporary storage used
- Temporary addresses used
- Permanent address used 


  • Hi,

    we get and save such data, just do not present it.

    Question is, if that is something related to performance monitoring, or if it is something really important, we are not convinced about it ...
    Generally we do not want to monitor everything, we are monitoring only major performance metrics.

    Let us know your point.

  • Hi Pavel,

    Thanks for the reply:

    Temporary storage use is definitely performance monitoring, both on the system wide level and also on job level.

    Temporary address used can be performance related. If the temporary address spikes it could be that something have been implemented that not is using the code right.

    I can agree that the permanent address is maybe not performance related, but would be nice to have in monitoring purpose.
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