Is/will be ExportTool2 supported for E590 / E790?

Good day,

we received new hitachi storages E590 and E790 without SVP servers. I tried to get them work in stor2rrd (version 7.30) with ExportTool2, however it didn't work. Then I checked official site, and none E-series is supported with ET2.
Are there any plans to make it work in near future please? Just asking, if I should install new Windows server for SVP, or if I should wait for new version of stor2rrd :)

Thank you


  • Solved!
    Problem was between chair and the keyboard. Stor2rrd user didn't have enough rights to collect performance data with ET2. Changed to administrator group and everything works now.
  • Hi,

    is that anything not documented enough in our docu?
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