How to update the html of Xormon like stor2rrd or lpar2rrd?

Today I added some lan switch with UI Group Name(like A).
And then modify the UI Group Name to B.
After run ./ & ./ html, the page of stor2rrd had renewed with UI Group Name B. But the page of Xormon have both Group name A and B.
How can rebuild them like stor2rrd with ./ html?


  • Old entries disappear from DB after some time. If you want to get rid of duplicities in Xormon immediately, you can remove current item relations DB:
    mv data/_DB/data.db data/_DB/data.db.bak
    File data.db.bak can be deleted later, it does not contain any historical data.
    Xormon DB should fully repopulate within day (depending on device type).
  • After remove DB and then rebuild by ./
    All 4 Group with 12 Lan Switchs still can be showed by Stor2rrd page.
    But now only 1 Group with 5 Lan Switchs showed at Xormon page....

  • They also miss 5 Storages...
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