Huge storage for 4 OCP cluster


I am happy to enjoy the openshift monitoring on 7.10.

But My lpar2rrd server facing capacity pressure now.

I configure 4 OCP cluster on lpar2rrd and It cost 454GB in 12 days.

1.2G    ./Node
24G     ./Network
64G     ./Container
366G    ./Pod
454G    .

I am not sure how to estimate capacity for coming 1 year and how can I housekeep the unused data (such as: pod which no longer existing on openshift).

Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Danny, 

    RRD allocates the total capacity at creation, so there will be no increase in size. 

    We are working on the possibility of disabling containers monitoring. Some customers said that it was enough to monitor their nodes and pods. What do you think?

    How many nodes and pods do you have in your environment?
  • Hi Matej,

    Thanks for your feedback! 

    I agree to takeout container monitoring but services overview is useful for me.

    My developer heavily update the source code and then build and replace the pod on development OCP. It would be appreciated if lpar2rrd can housekeep pod (rrd) which no longer running on my cluster. 

    My OCP cluster have following node:

    production: 21 nodes with 473 pods
    pre-production:9 nodes with 643 pods 
    development:15 nodes with 726 pods
    DR: 9 nodes with 265 pods

    Thanks and Regards,
    Danny Lam

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